The CCA is your association that has the objective to focus on the interests of Catchacoma Lake cottagers – for example; the buoy program, water quality,equitable water flow (CEWF), the environment, community events and we liaison with other associations, Catchacoma Marina and the Township. Our goal as an organization is to grow the CCA membership base, enhance and build on our website and overall communications, and in future years we’d like to introduce more activities for our community to enjoy. Moreover, we want to ensure that the CCA is a value added cottage association for all of our members.

CCA Board

Title Responsibility Email Cell Cottage
Mitty Van Der Velden President Email Me (416) 904-9565
Joe Natale Vice-President Event Entertainment Email me
Steve Scott Treasurer  Financials Email me (905) 327-1676 (705) 243-9490
Cristina Natale Director Membership Email Me
Ted Spence Director  CCRAI & CEWF Liaison, Lake Steward Email Me  (416) 999-8029  (705) 657-1384
Jason Card Director Buoy Master Email Me
Dave Curtis Director  Social & DockFest  Email Me  (705) 760-3274
Bruce Averill Past President  Webmaster-Sponsorship Email Me  (705) 772-2132
  • We provide and continually maintain the buoys throughout Catchacoma lake and the narrows to mark the general locations of the most serious hazards on the lake
  • We have a lake Steward who takes water samples to have tested by MOE to monitor the water quality of the lake for clarity, phosphorus levels and invader species (i.e. zebra mussels)
  • We maintain a website to keep cottagers informed
  • We maintain membership with various associations to provide a united voice for Catchacoma Lake cottagers including:

Federation of Ontario Cottagers’ Associations (FOCA):

a non-profit, voluntary organization that represents over 500 Ontario cottage associations that is dedicated to supporting the interests of Ontario’s waterfront property owners

Cavendish Community Ratepayers Association Inc (CCRAI)

a community based organization, dedicated to working with all associations, residents, businesses, local township, and all levels of government both federally and provincially to find solutions to issues that are common among property owners in our area. The CCRAI is a strong and active environment committe

Coalition for Equitable Water Flow (CEWF)

working to implement equitable water management policy for the Trent-Severn Waterway taking all those affected into account