Catchacoma Cottagers’ Association Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Monday, October 27th, 2016 – 8:05 PM – 8:30 PM via conference call

Chair – Wendy Sue Lyttle Call to order at 8:05 PM Ms. Lyttle indicated that we have a quorum therefore we are able to conduct business for the association. Motion to approve the Agenda. M/S/C. Approval of the Minutes of AGM 2015. Ms. Lyttle indicated that all members did receive the Minutes of 2015. Therefore called the motion to approve. Motion to approve the AGM 2015 minutes. M/S/C Approval of the Financials for December 31, 2015 On behalf of the Treasurer, President, Bruce Averill provided a recap of the financials for 2015. The financial had been reviewed by the board prior to the AGM. He pointed out that based on the annual revenue, there is no need for a formal audit or engagement of review under the Not-for-Profit Provincial Act. Assets for 2015 were $7243.01 down 11.9% or $987.14 in 2014 No Liabilities reported Total Stakeholders Equity $7243.01

  • Revenue for 2015 $3308.08 vs. $4885.38 in 2014 down 32.2%
  • Expenses for 2015 $4897.93 vs. $44851.83 in 2014
  • Net Deficient for 2015 was $1589.05 – Net profit of $33.53 in 2014

Membership revenue growth did not exceed expectations in 2015. New initiatives were taken for 2016 which saw a huge spike in membership growth. It was noted that the financials presented did not clearly break out the line by line revenue items but supplied a total revenue amount. There were questions about this and the response being that better financial accountability have been instituted for 2016. Motion to approve the Financials for 2015. M/S/C Board Report: Bruce Averill, President Mr. Averill spoke to some initiatives that the board is taking in 2016. They include moving to a more user friendly website which will be launched mid-year 2017. Also the board is working with other associations on the chain of lakes to share ideas, knowledge and form a stronger network. Relocation of the Fire Boat that now resides at Little Gull also is a task that CCA is pursing. CCA did send a letter to the Municipality of Trent Lakes Fire Chief with a response that 7-9 volunteers reside around Little Gull and that response time to Catchacoma Lake is 20 minutes and thus would not consider this request. CCA will do its due diligence in mapping out water access cottagers plus some research to seek a meeting with the Fire Chief to pursue this request. He reported that Catchacoma Marina Group did support us with a similar letter and received a similar response. Dockfest was successful running as an afternoon event and that will continue with the support of Catchacoma Marina. It was noted that run as a community event rather than a member only event saw new people come to the marina for the event. Membership Update: Ms. Lyttle indicated that we are at 100 members’ to-date up 53% year of year. This growth was due to better data management, communications for renewals and a dock to dock drop of application plus flyer for Dockfest. The intent is to approach road access cottagers to join CCA with a campaign in 2017. We did receive some resident memberships on Beaver Lake Road which is very much appreciated. Lakes Stewards Update: Mr. Spence reported on water quality testing and on water levels. He is a member of the Cavendish Community Ratepayers Board (CCRAI) and in that capacity he is responsible for the CCRAI water testing for Total Coliforms and E. Coli. He submit s water samples for Phosphorus testing in the spring and monitors water clarity throughout the summer. The data have been consistent year -to – year indicating that our lake has a stable condition with low phosphorus levels. Our water clarity is lower than on some lakes because to the tea coloured water that is characteristic on our lake reflecting runoff from forest soils. The CCRAI coliform testing shows no indication of issues on Catchacoma although the sampling is limited to deep water. 2016 was an exceptional year regarding lake levels both in the spring and throughout the summer. In April we experienced very high water levels with ice still on the lake resulting in damage to some shoreline facilities such as cribs, decks and docks. There was very little snow in early March and the TSW began bringing lake levels up gradually with the early runoff. In late March we experienced extreme rainfall events and the lakes rose to near record levels. The March rainfall in Haliburton Village was more than 2 times the normal amount and there was up to 125mm (5 inches) in the last 8 days of March. The resulting high water was unavoidable given the extreme weather. It is notable that we have had similar experiences in 2009 and 2013. This experience is consistent with climate change projections for our area and may mean residents have to expect these conditions more frequently and design their shore installations to avoid damage. The summer of 2016 saw extreme drought. Peterborough received only 31% of normal rainfall between May and mid-August, in the driest summer since 1914. But early action by TSW to reduce flow to the minimum on the Trent System beginning in May and to store extra water in the reservoirs as well as in the large Kawartha Lakes and Rice Lake allowed reservoir levels to be managed near normal through to mid-August when extreme drawdown was starting. Then it rained more than 150mm (6 inches) in Haliburton in the last 2 weeks of August and we avoided the extreme drawdown and experienced very good water levels through Labour Day and into September Status of Buoys. We have a new Buoy Master, Jay Card due to Leith Rhodes retiring from his years of running and doing the labour every season. As most are aware this season, the new buoys were in place with the help of volunteers and Leith’s participation. The buoys’ are marked and if they become loose, cottagers are asked to advise us on our email or via phone and we will pick them up.   Meeting was adjourned at 8:35 PM

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