Catchacoma Cottagers’ Association Minutes of the Annual General Meeting Monday, October 5th, 2015 – 8:00 PM – 8:45 PM via conference call

Chair – Wendy Sue Lyttle Call to order at 8:11 PM Ms. Lyttle indicated that we have a quorum therefore we are able to conduct business for the association. Motion to approve the Agenda. M/S/C. Approval of the Minutes of AGM 2014. Ms. Lyttle reported that the minutes were lost and apologized to the attendees. Approval of the Financials for December 31, 2014 The Treasurer provided a recap of the financials for 2014 Assets for 2014 are $8230. No Liabilities Total Stakeholders Equity $8263.68

  • Revenue for 2014 $4885.36 vs. $5409.18 in 2013 down 9.6%
  • Expenses for 2014 $4851.83 vs. $4198.99 up 15.5%
  • Net Profit for 2014 was $33.53 – Net profit of $1210.19 in 2013

Membership revenues were down over 2013 by $590 followed by shirt sales being down $451.47 over 2013. Expenses represented more supplies for the buoy program, increase in insurance and food supplies for Dockfest were higher than in 2013. Motion to approve the Financials for 2014. M/S/C Membership Update: Bruce indicated that we are at 53 members’ to-date. A more aggressive approach to reaching out to non-members requires a better strategy. Suggestions of doing a dock to dock approach was mentioned. Lakes Stewards Update: Mr. Spence Indicated that as of Oct 1 the water levels are low and that as of next spring he will begin the water testing again under the Lake Stewardship program. Status of Buoys. Leith Rhodes indicated that 2016 will be the last year for his participation on placement of buoys. It was also mentioned that some buoys are in need of replacement and Mr Spence stated that we need to be more in complicance with the Transport Canada and this would be now the time to seek out what is required. It was also discussed that a succession planning will now need to take place for next spring to ensure that GPS mapping be down and to secure more volunteers. New By-law Wendy reported that she will have the draft by-law ready for the next summer. However, implementation by ONFP Act will not happen until 2016. So this will be a work in progress. Election of Slate of Directors for 2016-2018

  • Bruce Averill – President
  • Joe Natale – Vice President
  • Wendy Sue Lyttle – Secretary/Membership Coordinator
  • Gene Marisa – Website
  • Steve Scott – Treasurer/Past President
  • Leith Rhodes – Buoys Director
  • Ted Spence – Water Management/Liaison to CCRAI

Motion: To accept the new slate of Directors for 2016-2015. M/S/C Meeting was adjourned at 8:45 PM

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